1. Today. #OATW x #TGTC #BMG

  2. Ashley, post engagement 

  3. Last night, Ashely and I at the Ashely & @_Chea going away/Chea’s birthday/ Ashely & Chea’s engagement party 

  4. Chea and Ashley post engagement 

  5. Very selfless of Chea to propose to Ashley on his birthday. But, it’s consistent to his character. It’s who he is. I’m glad I was a witness. I’m glad you found each other. I’m happy I can call you family. Congratulations Ashley! I’ve known you damn near all my life, and it’s awesome to see where you’ve came from, where you are, and where you are going. Love you both.

    I can’t stop watching thing shit. I think I was more nervous than Chea, and he popped the question. Let Ashely tell it, I tell her everything and honestly it took everything in me to hold this secret.  


  6. Still relevant

  7. Sometimes I like ‘em slim. Sometimes I like ‘em thick #mood

  8. The photographers

  9. Cincinnati last night. Post club, still on a wave. In retrospect, this wasn’t smart

  10. Cincinnati


  11. "the revolution will be no re-run bruhas; the revolution will be live"
    — Gil Scott Heron

  12. "you will not be able to stay home, bruhas. you will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out"

    Gil Scott Heron

  13. Gil Scott Heron - “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

  14. And I call this one, “Taco Truck Selfie”

  15. Gray days